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Things have gone awry...

This is really weird. You'd think after the time we've all known and have been friends with each other, we wouldnt fall apart for every little thing that happens. Don't we trust each other? The only problem we have is the lack of communication...NO ONE WANTS TO TALK...besides Jeremy, who actually wants to solve this. If we DIDNT care about the problem then we wouldnt be TRYING to solve it. I apologize for not telling everyone whats been going on lately, but now we will tell you guys whats going on regardless if you can make it or not because Jeremy said that it would still be nice to be thought of when people are making plans. So please talk people.....we're not gonna get anywhere if we dont. Unless thats what everyone wants...then theres nothing else i can do.
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I realize that I, among other people fucked up badly. Apparently when I apologize noone belives i'm sincere, so this is pretty pointless. If we never talk to each other, nothing good will come of it. If we talk to each other, but don't believe them, it still won't work. I hope those people who don't believe me can trust this once that I am sorry for all that happened.

Please continue your usual yelling at me after this post if you need to yell.
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First one to make an entry....I win!

Tomorrow I go back to school. Woop dee doo! I'm thinking about being homeschooled...heheh. Because then I wouldnt have to do crap! HAHA! Wake up whenever I want..do work whenever I want...haah..that would be nice. But I'll work my way up to that and start with independent learning next semester. WOOT! I havent stolen anything the whole time I was suspended!!! Oh wait...the Good Night Fairy Soap. HAH!! That shit smells good!

I've found a way to be happy! I always say to myself "No matter how good of a day you're having, you'll always have an equally shitty one." So I try not to enjoy things too much, and I try to go through a bad day as happy as I can. It works..I dont feel sad or happy, just content. heh. I thought about that while I was dozing off the other night.

I had a fun week off. I wasnt really grounded. I think my mom knows she cant really ground me, so the other day she told me to ground myself. HAH! Fuck that. I did some chores though. But thats where I draw the line! You cant expect much of me considering labor work. I'm too lazy anyway.

Bedways is rightways, so best we go homeways. Right Right? Night night. I'll see you all in the morrow my little droogies. WHOA!! I caught a gnat with my hand! I AM GOD! Next stop, CHOPSTICKS!
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